The Murphy Stories - Magic Murphy Children's Stories

The Murphy Stories - Magic Murphy Children's Stories
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Moragan The Witch Dare Click Me
The Murphy Stories recount three children's adventures after moving into an old rundown house where they are amazed to meet Magic Murphy, a nine-inch tall leprechaun, living in an old oak tree at the bottom of their garden.
Through the power of Murphy's magic, the children embark on a journey they could never imagine in their wildest dreams.
The children meet Moragan The Witch (see left) and many other original and thought provoking characters.
The series is aimed at inspiring imagination and a desire to read in young children.
As well the excitment, the adventures have underlying parallels with lessons in life.
This gripping series is suitable for five to eleven years (subject reading age).
The stories are split into short chapters, making it ideal for reading aloud and encouraging children reading on their own.
High quality full page illustrations are used throughout each book.
Author Sheila Helliwell
Sheila creates a magical world that children and the young at heart are able to cross into, simply, enthralling.
As with other great writers, Sheila Helliwell was persuaded to make the stories she wrote for her own children available for others to enjoy.
The Murphy Stories: The Beginning
The Murphy Stories: The Beginning by Sheila Helliwell
The Beginning is a FREE Introductory story to the Murphy Story Series.
The Beginning introduces Magic Murphy the Leprechaun, some of his background and some of the characters in the series, for more detail please see the other titles synopsis further down. Some versions include narration (audio track) read by the author.
The Beginning is available for Kindle including iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Mac, laptops and PC's. It is also available free at some online outlets and for Smart-TV and GoogleTV.
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The Murphy Stories: Hoonraki Moon
The Murphy Stories: Hoonraki Moon by Sheila Helliwell
Hoonraki Moon (ISBN: 978-0-9560331-1-6 Book 1 in the series in print and on Kindle) recounts how the Children discover Murphy living in a big oak tree at the bottom of their overgrown garden, where no one had previously bothered him.
The Murphy Stories: Hoonraki Moon The Riddle Tree
The Riddle Tree
It doesn't take the children long to steal their way into Murphy's heart. Murphy is only nine inches tall, so has great fun using the children's toys for his own use.
Every full moon Murphy has three wishes which he very rarely uses, until he makes the sad mistake of telling the children about them. Every third full moon is called a 'Hoonraki Moon' when all the Leprechauns gather in a secret place in Rakidom to hear three clues from the Riddle Tree, which, if solved, will lead the Leprechauns to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
The story tells how the children coerce Murphy into taking them with him to Rakidom. Besides the special feather in his hat Murphy has several different coloured magical powders, one to shrink the children to his size, another to enlarge them again and others which he uses throughout the stories.
Hoonraki Moon tells how they solve the three riddles and the adventures they have on the way. The children meet Murphy's friend, Moragan the witch, who features throughout the series.
Murphy also has three arch enemies who are always trying to thwart his attempts to reach the end of the rainbow first. fortunately for Murphy, they tend to be a bit dim, so never succeed.
In Hoonraki Moon (Book one), Murphy fails to reach the rainbow, yet again. Book one ends with the youngest child slipping an egg under his pillow which he brought back from Rakidom.
Murphy had warned the children about not taking or bringing anything back from that magical place, but being young and inquisitive the child ignored his warning.
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The Murphy Stories: Gammy
The Murphy Stories: Gammy by Sheila Helliwell
Gammy (ISBN: 978-0-9560331-3-0 Book 2 in the series) carries on from the end of book one (Hoonraki Moon) where inquisitive little Mark brings back an egg from Rakidom and the creature that hatches out of the egg almost costing Mark his life.
The Murphy Stories: Gamit Hatches Out Of The Egg
The Gamit Hatches
Moragan the witch has to help Magic Murphy but accidently mixes the dry blood from a magical cat which the craeture Gammy absorbs.
Book 2 (Gammy) introduces the 'Nasty' neighbours that live near the children. With the help of Murphy’s magical powders and spells, the spiteful son of the neighbours, gets his come-uppance from Murphy and Steven.
Gammy’s powers are growing all the time but will he use them for good or evil?
The stunning graphics bring the story and characters alive with full page illustrations.
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The Murphy Stories: All Fools Night
In Book 3 Murphy tells the children a story about All Fools Night which is held every hundred years, al the Leprechauns gathering a night of feasting and games.
Because the games can be dangerous and you have to be foolish to take part, it’s called, All Fools Night. The games are named: Flatspin, Thornblow and Spikeball.
The Dark Wizard gets involved and tries to ruin the games which Murphy tells the children about but what he doesn't exaplain what happens afterwards.
Moragan's evil half sister makes an appearance and Murphy has to save Moragan but in the process nearly dies.
The Murphy Stories: Never Again, Never Land
In Book 4 Murphy lets the children use his three wishes to go to Never, Never Land to see their favourite characters, Peter Pan and Snow White.
He can't go with them, as they will be absorbed into the stories. Everything goes disastrously wrong and Murphy has to call upon the help of not only Moragan the witch but his Uncle Shamus as well.
The children are lost to them in a Black Borgas Field
Is Moragan's magic strong enough to find and release them?
The Murphy Stories: Christmas Is Cancelled
Because Murphy let Mark's brother and sister use his wishes in Book 4: Never, Again Never Land, he lets little Mark use his next three wishes to visit Santa at the North Pole.
Unbeknown to him, Gammy sneaks into his rucksack and goes with him. Gammy starts to turn evil and ruins everything at Santa’s Grotto, resulting in Santa Clause cancelling Christmas.
Gammy’s powers are now stronger than Murphy’s.
He goes head to head with Gammy but is it too late to sort this mess out?
The Murphy Stories: Another Hoonraki Moon
Murphy never learns his lesson. He takes the children on another adventure on Hoonraki Night.
This time the Dark Wizard is determined to kill Murphy and anyone that is with him. The Dark Wizard casts a spell so that the three riddles they hear from The Riddle Tree are different from what all the other Leprechauns hear. This takes them on a very dangerous course from which there is no return.
In Book 6 you find out why the Dark Wizard turned the Turtles from book one into stepping stones and what became of Gammy.
Do Murphy, Moragan and the children perish?
Don’t miss the battle of skill and wits that takes place between Murphy, Moragan and the Dark Wizard.
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